"It's time to reconnect. People, nature and science, together, in the construction of humanitarian policies."

The 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Health has the purpose of building bonds and searching for knowledge from the perspective of innovation. For such, it is necessary to have a resilient look at Brazil and the world in the development of health technologies focused on collectivity on a global scale.

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Depoimento Ricardo Valentim

The conference will start in:

74 Days :
17 Hours :
08 Minutes :
17 Seconds

Speakers and Guests

Alcimar Barbosa Soares Brazil

Alcimar Barbosa Soares

Coordinator of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at UFU

Alcindo Ferla Brazil

Alcindo Ferla

Professor at the School of Nursing at UFRGS

Aliete Cunha Oliveira Portugal

Aliete Cunha Oliveira

Professor at ESEnfC and Researcher at CEIS20/UC - Portugal

Aline Pinho Brazil

Aline Pinho

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Almudena Muñoz Gallego Spain

Almudena Muñoz Gallego

Post-doctoral researcher at CAI CREAV/UCM - Spain

Ana Edith Gouveia Brazil

Ana Edith Gouveia

Technical Advisor of CGPROP/DESF/SAPS/Ministry of Health

Angélica Espinosa Miranda Brazil

Angélica Espinosa Miranda

General Coordinator of STI Surveillance at the Ministry of Health

António Moreira Portugal

António Moreira

Prof. at DEED/UAb and Integrated Member at CEIS20/UC - Portugal

Armindo Jelembi Angola

Armindo Jelembi

Vice-Rector of José Eduardo dos Santos University - Angola

Carla Padrel Portugal

Carla Padrel

Rector of UAb - Portugal

Carla Zilio Brazil

Carla Zilio

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Carlos Alberto Oliveira Brazil

Carlos Alberto Oliveira

Vice-director of IFHT/UERJ

Carlos Magno Venturelli Brazil

Carlos Magno Venturelli

Coord. General Provision of Professionals for Primary Care of SAPS/Ministry of Health

Carmem Rêgo Brazil

Carmem Rêgo

UFRN's Secretary of Distance Education

Chyrly Moura Brazil

Chyrly Moura

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Cicília Leite Brazil

Cicília Leite

Rector of UERN

Cipriano Maia Brazil

Cipriano Maia

Secretary of Health of Rio Grande do Norte

Cláudio Azevedo Brazil

Cláudio Azevedo

Director of DENASUS/Ministry of Health

Cristina Vieira Portugal

Cristina Vieira

Teacher of the Dept. of Social Sciences and Management at UAb - Portugal

Cristine Gusmão Brazil

Cristine Gusmão

Professor at UFPE

Daniele Montenegro Brazil

Daniele Montenegro

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Danilo Nagem Brazil

Danilo Nagem

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Diana Paula Carvalho Brazil

Diana Paula Carvalho

Sub-coord. of Epidemiological Surveillance of SUVIGE/SESAP/RN

Eduardo Barbosa Coelho Brazil

Eduardo Barbosa Coelho

Coord. Management of Research and Technological Innovation in Health at Ebserh

Eloiza Gomes Brazil

Eloiza Gomes


Everton Macedo Silva Brazil

Everton Macedo Silva

General Coord. of Health Economics at DESID/MS

Fabio Pasqualetti Italy

Fabio Pasqualetti

Faculty of Social Communication Sciences of the Salesian Pontifical University - Italy

Fátima Bezerra Brazil

Fátima Bezerra

Governor of Rio Grande do Norte

Fernando Faraco United States

Fernando Faraco

Director of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Fernando Rocha Brazil

Fernando Rocha

Prosecutor of the Republic of the MPF/RN

Francisco Gondim Brazil

Francisco Gondim

Professor at the Federal University of Ceará

Gabriel Listovsky https://inovacaotecnologica.lais.huol.ufrn.br/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/nacoes-unidas-1.png

Gabriel Listovsky

Coordinate PAHO/WHO Virtual Campus for Public Health Regional

Giliate Cardoso Brazil

Giliate Cardoso

Sanitary Physician and Researcher at UNIFESP

Hermano Morais Brazil

Hermano Morais

State Congressperson of Rio Grande do Norte

Iara Maria Pinheiro de Albuquerque Brazil

Iara Maria Pinheiro de Albuquerque

Prosecutor of MP/RN

Igor Braga Farias Brazil

Igor Braga Farias

Researcher at UNIFESP

Isabel Duré https://inovacaotecnologica.lais.huol.ufrn.br/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/nacoes-unidas-1.png

Isabel Duré

PAHO/WHO Health Human Resources Policy and Management Consultant

Isabelle Mendes de Oliveira Brazil

Isabelle Mendes de Oliveira

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Janaína Rodrigues Brazil

Janaína Rodrigues

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

João Marcelo Barreto Silva Brazil

João Marcelo Barreto Silva

Coord. General Regulation and Evaluation of the CGRA/DRAC/SAS/Ministry of Health

José Adailton da Silva Brazil

José Adailton da Silva

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

José Daniel Diniz Melo Brazil

José Daniel Diniz Melo

Rector of UFRN

José Jimenéz de las Heras Spain

José Jimenéz de las Heras

CREAV/UCM Director - Spain

José Manuel Bautista Spain

José Manuel Bautista

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UCM

Juciano Lacerda Brazil

Juciano Lacerda

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Leopoldo Sarli Italy

Leopoldo Sarli

Prof. of the Dept. of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Parma - Italy

Lia Padilha Fonseca Brazil

Lia Padilha Fonseca

Technical Advisor of CGPROP/DESF/SAPS/Ministry of Health

Luís Evangelista Brazil

Luís Evangelista

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Lyane Ramalho Brazil

Lyane Ramalho

Assistant Secretary of Health of Rio Grande do Norte

Marcelo Duzzioni Brazil

Marcelo Duzzioni

Professor at ICBS/UFAL

Maria Alejandra Guzmán Colombia

Maria Alejandra Guzmán

Director of the Faculty of Engineering/UNAL - Colombia

Mário Emílio Dourado Brazil

Mário Emílio Dourado

Neurologist doctor and Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Marise Reis Brazil

Marise Reis

Researcher at NESC/UFRN

Natália Ramos Portugal

Natália Ramos

Coord. Scientific Research of CEMRI/UAb - Portugal

Nésio Fernandes Junior Brazil

Nésio Fernandes Junior

President of CONASS

Olga Janneth Gómez Ramírez Colombia

Olga Janneth Gómez Ramírez

Director of Research and Extension at UNAL - Colombia

Patrícia Bezerra Brazil

Patrícia Bezerra

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Paula Guidone Sobreira Brazil

Paula Guidone Sobreira

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Paulo Borem United States

Paulo Borem

Senior Director of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Paulo Henrique Fraccaro Brazil

Paulo Henrique Fraccaro

ABIMO's Superintendent

Paulo Victor Souza Sgobbi Brazil

Paulo Victor Souza Sgobbi

Neurologist at UNIFESP

Rafael Silva Brazil

Rafael Silva

YWAM Missionary/Acts of life - Tanzania

Rebeca Silva de Barros Brazil

Rebeca Silva de Barros

Coord. of Theoretical-Practical Activities/FESF/FIOCRUZ

Regiane Regina Ribeiro Brazil

Regiane Regina Ribeiro

Director of the Arts, Communication and Design Sector at UFPR

Renato Augusto Paiva Dumaresq Brazil

Renato Augusto Paiva Dumaresq

President of the Right to Health Commission of the OAB/RN

Ricardo Ceccim Brazil

Ricardo Ceccim

Coordinator of EducaSaúde/UFRGS

Ricardo Valentim Brazil

Ricardo Valentim

Executive Director of LAIS/UFRN

Rifat Atun United States

Rifat Atun

Professor of Global Health Systems at Harvard University

Roberto Tapia Hidalgo https://inovacaotecnologica.lais.huol.ufrn.br/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/nacoes-unidas-1.png

Roberto Tapia Hidalgo

Coord. of the PAHO/WHO Technical Unit of Human Capacities in Health

Ronaldo Melo Brazil

Ronaldo Melo

Professor at IFHT/UERJ

Sandro Mendes Brazil

Sandro Mendes

Researcher at LAIS/UFRN

Sara Dias-Trindade Portugal

Sara Dias-Trindade

Professor and Researcher at CEIS20/UC - Portugal

Thaísa dos Santos Lima Brazil

Thaísa dos Santos Lima

Federal Senate of Brazil

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