The 3rd International Conference on Health Innovation, hosted by LAIS/UFRN, will have as its theme “Resilient Systems: the social impact of innovation in health”. The conference aims to strengthen ties between researchers from different parts of Brazil and the world to promote the development of innovation in health – the hallmark of LAIS, due to its projects and results – with a more humanitarian look.

The International Conference has a tradition of seeking knowledge. The first edition brought the debate to the scientific spotlight, promoting a dialogue with society. In the second conference, international cooperations gained centre stage. Now, the main theme is resilience and its effects on the whole society, within a more humanitarian context.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to take a more reflective look, from our private relationships to the innovative basis of technology development aimed at everyone’s health. It is necessary that the human being and its social context and its fragilities, more than ever, become the protagonist in the development of scientific projects. Not only in principle, but with the focus on the effective and beneficial result for others. We need to stimulate the gathering and sharing of ideas.

LAIS, presents itself again, even more resilient, as a protagonist in a debate which is increasingly necessary to improve the paths of development in health, with a focus on innovation, closer to people and nature while founded on reliability, a vision for the future and favourable social practices.